Monday, 28 July 2014

My "games" - Super Mario 64 in HTML5 and WebGL using three.js

A small experiment I made in three.js, to test it's capabilities.

Most three.js examples available on the web are very simple and do not show interactivity like the one you see in a videogame. So I chose to replicate Super Mario 64's first level, Bob-omb Battlefield, in three.js and HTML5 technologies.

The art is actually ripped from the original game. The models I got from this site, "The models resource". They all come in .obj and .mtl models, which are easy to load with three.js (one of the examples show how, I modified the MTLLoader to use MeshBasicMaterials instead of MeshPhongMaterials to get the look a Nintendo 64 game). The jump sounds I got from this pack of sounds from SM64 at Mario Fan Games Galaxy. Last but not least, the level's theme I got from this video. I downloaded the audio of the video with Youtube to MP3 and I converted the MP3 to OGG for greater HTML5 usability with this online audio converter.

I really hope I don't receive a good old Nintendo cease & desist letter :D

I am considering releasing the code. I am very fond of releasing code actually, but the code for this demo is quite quick & dirty, a horrible mess. In fact, it's shameful. If I do release the code, I will also create new art, my own jumping sounds, some music from opengameart, my own models and textures... I have some ideas, like replacing Mario with a farmer called Anthony and the goombas with evil brocoli.

P.S.: I actually started this as a test for some collision code I am writing, that's why you can see some collision glitches at the video if you look carefully. As it is, it certainly does not do decent collision testing.

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